Digital Device Opt-Out Form Information

Good evening parents and guardians.  Polk County Public Schools is moving to a 1:1 device school district.  All students will have a digital device to support their learning.  Bartow Middle School students will be receiving iPads to use in the classroom and at home at no cost.  Parents/Guardians may opt their child out from taking a Polk County Schools digital device home if a comparable personal device is available for the student to use at home.  An Opt-Out form, that will be lime green in color, will be sent home with your child on Friday, Aug. 12.  If you are declining a device for your child or wish for your child not to bring a device home, please fill out the Opt-Out form and submit it back to the school by Wednesday, August 17.  If the Opt-Out form is not returned, by default a device will be distributed to your child and it will be their responsibility to take it home and bring back to school, charged and ready to use each day.  Students are responsible for the upkeep of the device and the accessories that come with the device such as the charger and carrying case.  Any loss or damage of the device or accessories will be the responsibility of the student and parent.  If you have any questions please contact the school.

Christopher L. Roberts
Bartow Middle School