Bartow Middle FFA focuses on developing premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agriculture education. Being a part of an agriculture education class gives students an abundance of hands on opportunities not found anywhere else. Students also have many opportunities throughout the year to raise animal or plant projects, complete certification tests to earn scholarships and learn a set of skills that will benefit through their lifetime.


VISUAL ARTS COURSES: Students are given individual attention and guidance. These classes give students the opportunity for self-expression while creating, presenting, responding, and connecting.

Creating: Students will learn creative techniques and visual organization strategies to better express their ideas.

Presenting: Students will learn how to write artist statements to help viewers understand the meaning behind their artwork.

Responding: Students will learn how to “read art”, how to discuss art constructively, using appropriate artistic language.

Connecting: Students will be able to make personal connections to artwork and the world around them by engaging in discussions of composition and subject matter.

2D STUDIO ART Students explore media and techniques to create a variety of 2-D artworks through developing skills in drawing, painting, printmaking, and collage. Students practice, sketch, and manipulate the structural elements of art.

3D STUDIO ART Students begin an exploration of the structural elements of art when creating 3-D forms. Additive and subtractive processes are used to manipulate and construct sculptural or ceramic forms in media that may include, but are not limited to clay, wood, plaster, found objects, and paper maché.

Student Drawing in Art class
Student Drawing in Art class

Band / Chorus / Orchestra

We want you to join our band family! The Bartow Middle School Band includes Beginning, Concert, Symphonic and Jazz Band. Each of the band classes consists of the following instrument families: Woodwind, Brass, and Percussion. In beginning band, students will explore each and then pick one instrument to continue learning. Recently, the Symphonic Band commissioned a new piece of music titled “Coming Back”. Jazz Band, which is a smaller ensemble, has been hired out to perform at local community events during the holidays. All of the band ensembles perform throughout the Bartow Community and Central Florida, including performing at Disney World’s Performing Arts Showcases, All State, All County, Solo and Ensemble, and other area honor festivals.


Bartow Middle School’s Pre-Medical Academy is designed to introduce students to the various careers in the healthcare industry. Students in the academy learn a variety of skills, such as basic anatomy, medical terminology, vital signs, and basic first aid, along with adult, child, infant, and pet CPR. High school credit is awarded with successful completion of the 8th grade Medical Skills class. The goal of the BMS medical academy is to build the confidence of students through hands-on learning, in an effort to inspire students to pursue a career as a healthcare professional.

Physical Education

Law Studies/Criminal Justice

Beginning Spanish

Our World Languages program offers Beginning Spanish (introductory program) and Spanish 1 (High School credit program).  Our program is based on three major features.

Comprehensible Input: Students acquire the Spanish language via Comprehensible Input (CI).  This means that the emphasis is on comprehensible messages presented through gestures, props, videos, and authentic documents and stories.

Reading in Spanish: We place a strong emphasis on reading in Spanish.  To this end, students have access to reading materials at different levels of proficiency.

Cultural Connections: Making cultural connections between students’  daily lives and the traditions and culture of the Spanish-speaking countries is key in developing connections with the local Spanish-speaking community and the world at large.

Our Spanish classroom is part of the Language Lab program at Polk County, where other teachers visit us to learn about CI strategies in action.

“Language is best taught when it is being used to transmit messages, not when it is explicitly taught for conscious learning.” Stephen Krashen.

TV Production


Yearbook is an elective course in which a piece of history is created to be valued by students, staff, and the community. In class, students compose, construct, and edit all elements of computerized text layout, graphic art, and digital photography. Students work on many clerical operations, make announcements, maintain signs, conduct student polls, take photos, and write articles.  Because Yearbook is a monetary business, students must cooperatively work with others, must be hardworking, and be eager to be creative.

The goal of yearbook is to identify and report news-making events; incorporate journalistic forms,   techniques, and knowledge to document a year in the history of Bartow Middle School and its community.